January 21, 2011

Star Tribune Article about robbery

 click above to read the article about the Christmas Eve Burglary of Instument Control Studios.

Rough mixes posted!

Hey guys,

We just posted rough mixes from the album that was stolen during the Christmas Eve Burglary of Instrument Control Studios.  We had been working on this for nearly two years, and were a week out from mastering when... poof!  it's gone.  We had the album backed up on hard drives we just didn't anticipate having the hard drives stolen.    Anyway we want to share it with you in its rough semi-lo-fi state.  It's free to download, but you can set your own price if you wish.  

bullets and whiskey.

September 22, 2010

Meredith Westin photos at Cause

what's up?

Meredith Westin was at our last show and took some really great photos of Kicks and Spurs as well as the other bands that night.  Check em out. www.meredithwestin.com/kicksandspurs


September 12, 2010


Hey there,

Kicks and Spurs is new to this thing, but we figure in order to spread our sound we should try a little of everything.  here's a motorcycle to say thanks for stopping by.